Sunday, April 1, 2007

flash your stash 2007!

I heard of this via the KnittyBoard so figured I'd show my meager stash (there's more in the mail right now!). I thought I'd try to cover the wee one in yarn, but he refused to cooperate as most 10 month olds do.

the whole stash (minus two skeins I can't seem to find)

we have-
  • Caron Simply Soft: Bone with a WIP (crocheted afghan)
  • big ball of red boucle
  • 3 random skeins of striped yarn
  • Red Heart Super Saver: Berries
  • Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease
  • Caron Simply Soft: Mango (I think)

we have
  • Cascade 220 in Heather, Sapphire, and Charcoal Grey
  • Rowan All Seasons Cotton: Mocha Chocolate
  • KnitPicks Dancing: Two Step
  • KnitPicks Dancing: Hula
  • LL Shepherd's Socks: Sweetie
  • back right corner- random leftovers of yarn
  • Lion Brand Yarn MicroStripes: Denim Stripes
  • Paton's Classic Merino Wool: Harvest

we have:
  • in the far right corner, Red Heart in Navy and White
  • above that, some cream colored boucle
  • another random skein of boucle
  • Paton's Classic Merino Wool: Rosewood with a WIP


Damknit said...

That's a good stash! And I love the baby, too!

cpurl17 said...

The baby is so cute! (You better check that diaper tho to make sure he didn't try to run off with a skein or two)

And, just like that baby, you'll turn around and that stash will have grown so quickly!

Meghann said...

What a cutie! And a great stash too:)

Lick My Sticks said...

I envy your smaller and easy to control stash!! Cute little one, too.

I grew up in Quincy, my mom actually grew up in Weymouth. I love it up there, the place has character!

Nikkiana said...

Hmm... Maybe I ought to show off my own stash. :D Though... I probably should wait until DH isn't home.

aija said...

Ooh... I want a baby in my stash :)

Reina said...

Aijia pretty much said exactly what I was thinking when I read your post 'my stash doesn't have a baby!'