Saturday, August 29, 2009

so I suck at this

I haven't knit much since the last post. Not because I don't want to, but because of a lack of time. I'm back at school and busier than ever. By the time I get to sit and do stuff I'm usually passing out on the couch.

So consider this my hiatus for now, I'm sure I'll be back eventually blogging about my latest knits and yarn purchases (of which there hasn't been any in at least 6 months).

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I swear one of these days I'll catch up on here...

I can give you a list of things I've knitted, but alas pictures shall wait. We had issues with our computer when the ice storm hit, so now for some reason I am unable to unload pictures onto the computer anymore. However I will be purchasing a new camera and possibly a laptop with part of our tax refund, so maybe soon?

As for what I've been working on-

Ravelry Boston Red Sox Traveling Scarf- Green Monster Scarf, group 2. This has been loads of fun, though I'm totally uninspired at the moment to think of something new for the scarf I'm currently on. Suggestions for worsted weight yarn?

Radiating Star Blanket (free ravelry download)- finished! Took just about 3 weeks and one of those weeks I didn't knit on it at all. Totally love it and its a very belated wedding gift for a friend.

Fruit Loop Socks- I actually have a picture of the first one up on Ravelry. I'm almost done with the second. Using CherryTree Hill Supersock in Martha's Vineyard

Things I wish to start knitting soon:

Two pairs of fingerless gloves that people have asked me to make, they're providing the yarn

Oriental Lily- for Gretchen's Easter dress I think. It will be done in Cascade Sierra colors 45 and 29.

Juju pants- also for Gretchen in KP CotLin color Lantana

I need another sock pattern for either a solid colored yarn or variegated. I just purchased a circular to try out Magic Loop, so those suggestions are appreciated as well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

single mom for now...

I know I haven't updated in forever. I swear I'll get to it someday. Lately the husband has been away more than here. Part of that is his new school schedule for the semester where two days a week he is gone from 9-9. Then there's the National Guard which always wants him to do something. He spent just shy of a week in Washington D.C. for the Inauguration. He was home a few days, we got an ice storm and they call him to go to Western KY because just about all the power is out there and he's on the Emergency Response Team for central KY. So I drove him to Frankfort this afternoon and we're not sure when he'll be back, though they think possibly Saturday. So for now, I'm single mom with an ice/snow storm still going on and kind of shut in. Talk about stir crazy!