Monday, June 18, 2007

Monkey Sock Swap Package!

I received my monkey sock swap package in the mail today!!!

first, a monkey note pad! I'm going to keep this in my knitting bag.

a stuffed monkey that M has already layed claim too

hear, see, speak no evil monkey stitch markers

monkey stickers galore! (minus at least once since M wanted one as soon as I opened the package)

moneky cut outs

and the monkey socks!


Ann K. said...

Yayyyy! I am happy you received your package so quickly.. It was fun to put together and very nice to knit the socks! Do they fit nicely? Comfortable? I hope you get a wonderful amount of use out of them!

Rebecca said...

I love those stitch markers! Ann did a great job putting your package together. I hope you have had lots of fun in the swap.

Rebel said...

How fun! That monkey is adorable.