Wednesday, December 26, 2007

last post I promise!

for Michelle (AKKnitter on Ravelry), she knit this lovely BSJ for Gretchen. here is Gretchen modleing it at 2 wks old.


Michelle said...

OMG.. so cute (the baby, not the sweater). I can't believe that fit her. She must have grown out of it by now. So just curious, for the next one I make, how far down her arms did the sleeves go, and would you make them longer?

Katie said...

It still fits her lengthwise. I'd do the sleeves another 1-1.5" longer. but in that picture they were about a 3/4 inch above her wrist.

~liz said...

great sweater!

i'm scared to death to do a sweater. and when will i get over my fear of double pointed needles???