Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday!

my sweet little girl turns one today. at 8:40 pm if you want to be precise.

where did the time go? it doesn't feel like its been long enough for a year to go by. I'm including my favorite picture from each month.

and for milestones, Gretchen can now:
  • walk, mostly still with a little help
  • climb stairs
  • go down stairs
  • drink out of a sippy on her own
  • says "hi" "uh oh" "ma ma" "mah" (for blowing kisses)
  • blows kisses
  • waves
  • claps her hands
  • wants nothing to do with baby food which is a tad of a problem since she doesn't to eat a lot of "adult" food

1 comment:

Michelle said...

No way.. it's been a YEAR?????

Happy Birthday little one!