Saturday, April 19, 2008

potty training and books...oh my!

I've been way too tired to knit lately so I've been reading books. I recently finished The Other Boleyn Girl. fantastic read, highly recommend it if you're into historical novels. since then I've started reading the sequel to that book The Boleyn Inheritance. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and its very fascinating. definitely enjoying this author and want to learn more about that time period in England. because from the family rumors somewhere way back in time I might be related to Mary: Queen of Scots. who knows? I mean...I know my family is originally from England. its fun to think about at least and to wonder if any of the people mentioned in the books are really my relatives.

Potty training. finally. bout freaking time. M is 3.5 years old and until this week has had absolutely no interest in going the bathroom. I'd offer it to him and he'd scream his head off. finally someone suggested bribing him with M&M's. its worked like a charm. he's had barely an accident since Wednesday. he's still in diapers for naps and bedtime, but will slowly be phasing those out.

update on the car situation: finally have all the paperwork filed for our GAP insurance claim. just have to wait to hear from them I guess. I'll probably call on Wednesday to make sure they got everything in the mail. hopefully we'll still get something back on the car. looks like it would be a max of $1200. but we still lost all the money we put into the car in car payments. which freaking sucks. I have contacted a lawyer to see what our options are suing wise. sent him the information he wanted just waiting to hear back from him. so who knows. we just want to be able to get a reliable vehicle. its been nice to have my parents car, but it doesn't fit three car seats in it all that well. so we need something bigger. so for now we're still looking.

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