Friday, April 11, 2008


My parentals are visiting for the weekend so no knitting for me and none done during the week as I was busting my butt to clean. fun fun fun. I know we all loooooove cleaning so much, right? right?

anyway, my happy news of the week is a lovely washer and dryer. the lovely Renee from SnB and her husband helped move it into our house. we were able to purchase them from another SnB'er for a very good price. I'm beyond excited that I can actually do laundry in my own house instead of going to the laundromat. first time in the 5+ years of being married that I can stop going to the laundromat. yay!

other happy news is that we have new wheels. well its actually my parent's car. they're leaving their car here and taking a rental home. they have another car there. we have the option of buying the car from them when we get our tax rebate or continue looking for a car that we want. but it gives us time to check things out thoroughly instead of being under a time crunch which is very beneficial. so we'll see. their car is actually the same as the car that got totaled. just 15 years old. and with about the same amount of mileage on it as we had on ours. ha! go figure, the older car has less mileage.

but I must get sleep. must sleep. going to see "Menopause: The Musical" tomorrow at Centre College's Norton Center. should be fun, I've heard its hilarious and I love seeing plays.

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