Thursday, July 3, 2008

day to day crap

M starts preschool in a little over a month, so I've been taking him for his pre-school evaluation things. like the pediatrician and the optometrist. yesterday was the optometrist. took FOREVER. M being only 3 would not cooperate which is understandable. then the doctor decided to put the drops in to dilate his pupils and it only worked in one eye so he looked pretty freaky with one pupil really dilated and the other normal. ends up that M needs glasses. a normal range for a 3 year old is +3 in both eyes. M's left eye was +1.75 and his right was +4.75, so he was avoiding using his right. so to even them out we get glasses. went over to the glasses place this morning to pick out frames for him and they do look cute on him. just waiting for them to be ready to pick up. I'll be sure to share some pictures or you can see him at the picnic wearing them. so that's been fun.

husband bought a motorcycle with his bonus money from the National Guard. its actually a good purchase since if he uses it every day for work then it will save us half our gas money each month! we're still looking for a car/van/station wagon to drive the kiddos in and think we might have found one. just waiting to hear back from the lady.

that's it here.

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