Monday, November 19, 2007


The knitting of little girl's blanket is done. Its just about done blocking, a few more hours and I'll check it again.

I've started my craft exchange gift, a pair of fingerless mitts. I have one done and love it. might have to make a pair for myself.

worked some more on the Anastasia socks. pattern rocks. can't wait to be finished so I can wear them. wish I was using a prettier yarn, but you use what you have. I can't complain though, it was a gift.

in non knitting news, just finishing up stuff that needs to be done before the baby comes. making spaghetti sauce to freeze. cooking up some pancakes so that breakfast is easy for all the boys. found a new pediatrician for the baby and the boys. I think that's about it. just more house cleaning that needs to be done. the fun stuff in life, right?

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KreativeMix said...

happy holidays!! love your blogs