Friday, November 2, 2007


Life is way too stressful right now. Little girl is due in 3 weeks. Everyone is asking for money that we don't have. I just need life to give me a break. Its hard enough to be away from everyone I know at a time like this, I don't need stress added to the equation. I just wish I could indulge in lots of wine and chocolate, but unfortunately the damn gestational diabetes keeps me from doing so. sigh.

Thank God for knitting, it definitely does keep me somewhat sane and keeps me from freaking out more often than I already do.

in knitting news I've finished two more projects
-one winter hat for my nephew
-cell phone case for my mom

I've cast on for Entwined for my sister-in-law. needed a break from the hats for awhile. But I foresee that being finished tonight or tomorrow.


Kim Colley said...

Hey, kiddo. If you need someone to listen to you and just say "uh huh" every minute or two, you can give me a call. IM me via Ravelry (merebrillante) and I'll give you my phone number.

Michelle said...

We miss you too! I thought about coming up to see you gals and realized you wouldn't be there.